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Punta Gorda, FL Residential & Commercial HVAC, Indoor Air Quality & Pool Heater Services by Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

When it’s outstanding residential and commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, and pool heater services that you’re after, ours is the number to call. Let Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. know when you are ready to start living and working in greater comfort. We have everything that you need to do so.

Air Conditioning System Installation, Repair and Maintenance

No air conditioning system is going to function properly if not professionally installed and serviced. That is why you should give us a call when you need any AC services. No matter how you may choose to cool your home, our staff can ensure that you are able to do so efficiently and effectively.

You cannot hope to install a central air conditioning system of any sort in your home on your own. This is the type of service that only a trained, professional technician can handle. When you let our team complete your air conditioning installation you can count on it being done right every step of the way.

Do you need any sort of AC repair in Punta Gorda? If so, then you’re in the right place. Whatever may go wrong with your air conditioning system, you can bet that we’ll resolve the problem entirely.

An air conditioner gets a lot of use throughout the year in Florida. That is why professional air conditioning maintenance is so vital. Protect the condition and operational quality of your system by scheduling AC maintenance with the pros on our team.

We Service and Install Heat Pump Systems

Have you ever wished that you could heat and cool your home with greater efficiency? What about doing so in a more convenient manner? If so, contact us to learn how you can achieve both of these goals with the use of a heat pump in your home.

Do You Need Expert Heating Services?

Make sure that you are able to warm your home in an efficient and reliable manner. All that you need to do is pick up your phone and dial our number. With our comprehensive heating services you can count on a great performance from whatever heater you choose to utilize.

Do You Require Innovative Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

If you cannot breathe clean, pure air in your home, then you simply cannot hope to live in the complete comfort that we know you deserve. Worse, your respiratory health may be at risk. The good news is that we have the innovative indoor air quality solutions that you need to start breathing better air in your living space.

We Offer Air Purification & Filtration Services

Using an air purifier is one of the most basic and effective ways in which to go about boosting the quality of the air in your home. To learn more about which air purifiers are available, and the specifics of their operations, give us a call. We are the air purifier pros to trust.

It is true that there is an air filter in your HVAC system. The function of this air filter, though, is to protect the condition of the equipment, rather than the quality of the air in your home. To do that, you may require a dedicated air filtration system, which we install and service.

We Service and Install Dehumidifiers

When the air in your home is too humid, it can have seriously negative impacts on your comfort. It can even lead to unhealthful living conditions. When you have a great dehumidifier in place, though, you can dry out the air in your home to the appropriate level.

We Service and Install Pool Heaters

Get more enjoyment from your pool while also extending the swimming season. Our technicians are here to ensure that your new pool heater is installed and serviced properly. That way it will function safely as well as effectively.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

When you own commercial property, it is up to you to keep that property comfortable throughout the year. The only way in which you can hope to do so is by scheduling your commercial HVAC services with trained professionals. To do so, just give us a call.

A commercial air conditioner is a necessity in any commercial property around here. Don’t let the heat of summer have a negative impact on conditions within your commercial property. Let our fine technicians complete your commercial air conditioning services.

If you hear complaints about high humidity levels in your commercial property, you are wise to heed them. Give Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. a call if you are ready to dehumidify your commercial property effectively and reliably. We install and service commercial dehumidifiers in Punta Gorda.

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