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Did you know that neglecting your HVAC unit’s regular maintenance can lead to higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan?

Often, the steps you have to take for annual maintenance are simple, and they can help prevent a lot of issues from arising during the cold months. How can you prepare, though?

Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about preparing your HVAC system for winter.

Replace Your Filters

Neglecting your filters can lead to problems later down the line, especially with your indoor air quality. With poor air quality comes a higher risk of diseases like asthma, or more time spent dealing with allergies.

Replacing your filter once a month is going to keep your home’s air clean all winter. It’s also going to ensure vents stay clear and that your home’s heating can be distributed evenly throughout the home.

Check Your Thermostat

Next, you’ll want to check your thermostat. Do the batteries need to be replaced? Are the temperature readings correct?

If you notice uneven temperatures throughout your home, this could point to some trouble that needs to be addressed. You won’t need to call in a technician for something as simple as replacing the batteries, but other serious problems might need to be fixed before the cold starts setting in.

Turn On Your Furnace

Next, you’ll want to run your furnace at least three times before temperatures get too low. There are a lot of problems that can develop inside your furnace during the off-season, and you want to be sure everything gets addressed.

Whether it’s critters, loose ducts, or missing parts, waiting until the first really cold day only to find your furnace is out of order isn’t going to be fun for anyone.

Schedule an Inspection

Finally, you’ll want to schedule annual maintenance. An experienced technician will be able to help out with any problems you’ve noticed, but they’ll also conduct routine services, like:

  • Checking and refilling fluids
  • Cleaning essential components
  • Checking on the drain line, condensate pump, and other parts
  • Ensuring that circuits, safety controls, and all caps or valves are in working order

Having an experienced technician that you can trust and call upon when you need it most is important. Not only will they help ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the year, but they’ll be able to help replace your unit whenever it’s needed.

If you spend time out of Florida during the summer months, ensuring that your HVAC unit is in working order once you return is a must.

Don’t Procrastinate Preparing Your HVAC System for Winter

When the time comes, it’s important to begin preparing your HVAC system for winter. Remember, the longer you wait to do this, the more likely you are to run into problems during the worst months. To keep your home warm and energy-efficient, book an inspection early and get everything taken care of.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

Get Help For Your Weird AC Sounds

Those weird AC sounds are trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore them.

If you’re experiencing any out-of-the ordinary AC phenomena, get in touch with us today. Contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly. Or, call our emergency service number and we’ll speak with you instantly.