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Across America, people pay about $29 billion for their HVAC systems each year. Air conditioning can get expensive, so it’s important to keep your costs low and your system running smoothly!

The best way to ensure that your HVAC unit is ready for the summer months is to invest in routine AC maintenance and repair. Read on to learn some reasons that you should call in the pros annually rather than just when something is broken.

Higher Air Quality

AC units are made to catch dust and other particles that float around in the air of your home. That’s why they have a filter. They trap these particles to prevent them from circulating, keeping your air clean in addition to keeping it cool.

Some of the things they catch include dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and even mold spores that can cause serious health problems.

When you invest in routine maintenance, your filters will get a regular inspection and consistent replacement. This ensures that your air quality stays high and prevents you from getting sick and developing allergies over time.

Longer Lifespan

A clean filter means that your AC isn’t going to be working as hard as it otherwise would be. Since North Port AC maintenance professionals will also clean out your vents and internal AC workings, your unit is going to run as smoothly as possible. When it doesn’t need to work too hard to function, the unit remains in top condition and doesn’t succumb to as much wear and tear.

When you schedule spring or summer AC maintenance, it also isn’t going to need as many troubleshooting repairs throughout the season. You’ll preemptively stop some of the issues before they emerge. Thorough inspections will alert experts to any possible problems so that they can patch issues up before the HVAC can inconveniently break on a hot day.

Fewer breakdowns also naturally lead to a longer lifespan for your air conditioner. You won’t need to pay to replace it anytime soon or undergo the hassle of installation.

Better Energy Efficiency

AC units that run smoothly take less energy than those that require maintenance. By regularly getting your air conditioner looked at, you’re making an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly choice.

You also are greatly lowering your electric bills. Since your HVAC won’t use as much power to run, you can put it on a higher setting and still pay an affordable rate when your electric bills come!

Schedule AC Maintenance Today

While scheduling routine AC maintenance may be the furthest thing from your mind at most times of the year, it’s important that you make it a priority.

We’re committed to helping you keep the air quality in your home high and your energy costs low. That’s why we’re excited to hear from you and discuss your specific needs. Contact North Port Air Conditioning with any remaining questions that you have or to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Get Help For Your Weird AC Sounds

Those weird AC sounds are trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore them.

If you’re experiencing any out-of-the ordinary AC phenomena, get in touch with us today. Contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly. Or, call our emergency service number and we’ll speak with you instantly.