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If you live in Florida, you know how important it is to have a working air conditioning system. The average AC unit service costs between $75 and $200, but the cost may be higher if your system needs major repairs.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save money on air conditioning services in Port Charlotte, FL.

Read on for a few money-saving tips that will also help keep your system running in top condition all summer long.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Yes, the Florida summers are hot, but adjusting the temperature slightly up a degree or two can save you money in the long run. Another way to save cash on your monthly energy bill is to turn the temperature up whenever you’re away, like at work or on vacation.

Consider installing a programmable thermostat with Bluetooth connectivity. These devices allow you to control the indoor temperature remotely and you can adjust it as needed. Some models also “learn” your schedule and adjust the temperature automatically.

Save on Air Conditioning Services by Changing the Filter

One of the easiest ways to avoid a costly AC repair is to change the air filter every 30 days. The air filter removes dust and other airborne particles before your AC blows cold air into your home.

If the filter gets clogged, it can overburden your system and may cause certain components to wear down prematurely. Changing the air filter is an easy part of AC maintenance that can save you tons of cash if you do it diligently.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Ideally, you should have your HVAC system inspected at least once a year. You can do this before the summer or ahead of the winter season to ensure that everything is in good condition and running smoothly.

Schedule inspections or a tune-up for your Port Charlotte air conditioning system so you’ll have peace of mind. This simple step is an easy yet highly effective way to prevent unexpected breakdowns just when you need your AC the most.

Consider a Ductless Air Conditioning System

Traditional central air conditioning systems rely on a network of air ducts that are installed in the ceiling. A ductless system doesn’t require ducts, which helps the entire AC system to run much more efficiently.

While this new system will cost you more money upfront, it can definitely save you on everything from total energy costs to regular AC repair services. Since a ductless system uses several independent units, you can also adjust the temperature in each individual room or turn units off to save even more.

Take Care of Your AC System

Remember these tips to ensure that you save money on air conditioning services in Port Charlotte, FL. With regular maintenance and a little bit of diligence, you can be sure that your system keeps you nice and cool all summer long.

If you need help with your Port Charlotte air conditioning, be sure to contact us to schedule a service today.

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