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The approaching Floridian summer is likely to bring temperatures in the 90s as well as a lot of humidity. Because of the unpleasant climate, your home AC system will need to be up, running, and ready to roll as soon as the first heatwave hits.

This means understanding and avoiding common AC installation errors. Read on to learn about some of these mistakes and how hiring a professional can make the installation process smoother.

1. Getting the Wrong Size HVAC

HVAC units come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes, so you need to be careful when finding one that fits your space. If your AC is too big, it will short-cycle and be ineffective. If it is too small, it will overwork itself and break faster.

Both of these situations will destroy your AC much more quickly than it needs to. It’s normal to be unsure of the right size AC for your home, so talking to a professional can save you a lot of future time and money on repairs.

2. Not Understanding MERV Ratings

The MERV rating system reports the ability of an air filter to catch different size particles. AC units with lower MERV ratings can only trap large particles. Those with higher ratings can trap tiny particles.

Residential AC units need a MERV rating of about 11. Anything between 8 and 13 is ideal for residential use. Many people try to go as high as possible if they do not know better, but this provides too much filtration and runs up your electric bill.

3. Placing the AC Unit Incorrectly

The placement of your AC unit impacts how energy efficient it is. This should be a priority for eco-friendly reasons, but it also needs to be a priority for financial reasons. After all, as we said before, low efficiency results in high bills.

An outdoor AC unit should be placed in a shady place, though you should avoid bushes that impede air from circulating. Indoor units need to be placed somewhere comfortable- putting it over the bed or right by the sofa will be unpleasant.

4. Misplacing the Thermostat

Most people don’t know that thermostat placement greatly impacts how functional their AC system is. If you put it in the wrong place, you won’t get an accurate reading and will turn the unit up too high. This makes it work hard and run down.

Thermostats should never be near air vents and should be placed in a shady area. This regulates its temperature to provide you with accurate readings.

5. Not Conducting a Leak Check

It’s critical that you check for refrigerant leaks on your HVAC immediately post-installation. Leaks can add up to 20% to your electric bill. They also can overheat and break down your AC unit while hampering its efficiency.

Leak checks can easily be conducted assuming that you have an installation professional working with you to make the process easier and more effective.

Avoid the Top AC Installation Errors This Summer

While mistakes may sound inevitable when replacing AC systems, it’s far from a done deal. If you enlist professional help, your unit will be up and running seamlessly in no time at all.

Our experts are committed to helping you avoid AC installation errors with their professional knowledge and tools. Contact us to discuss your HVAC-related needs and to learn more about financing options for installation and repairs.

Get Help For Your Weird AC Sounds

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