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Did you know that 55% of Americans feel like they’ve been defeated when they turn the AC on during the summer?

No one should have to feel bad for enjoying the comfort of a climate-controlled home. If you’re having issues with your system, then you might be worried about the AC replacement cost. There’s a possibility that it doesn’t have to be replaced at all.

Are you on the fence about paying for AC repair vs. replace? Keep reading to learn which option is the most cost-effective.

Factors to Consider

Put in the simplest terms, sometimes it’s best for your wallet to cover an AC repair cost. However, there comes a point when the repairs are too complicated and expensive. That’s when it makes sense to scrap the old system and have a new one installed.

If you have an HVAC technician who can give your system regular maintenance, then it should last for a couple of decades. At about the 15-year mark, the possibility of needing a replacement increases by a lot.

Calculating the Investment

A reliable technician will suggest a new system as a last resort. They can diagnose the problem and give you an estimate quote for how much it’ll cost to replace the necessary parts. If you have an older system, then some calculations will be necessary.

For instance, a part that costs a couple of thousand dollars should be weighed against putting that money toward a new system. Keep in mind that new systems cost around several thousand dollars, sometimes more, depending on the size. A new system will certainly last for a much longer time than your repaired system that’s already old.

Since the system is old, it may need more and more HVAC services even after you’ve shelled out the money to repair it.

Cheap Repairs

There are a handful of repairs that tend to be quite cheap. With that in mind, it would be dramatic to replace the entire system.

For example, you might just have a broken drain tube. These can be replaced for an affordable price. Of course, sometimes replacing one part is easier said than done.

The reason for this is that you have to replace the part without disrupting the other parts. This is especially true for people who try to do repairs on their own. It’s easy to end up breaking other things in the process.

Ready to Choose Between AC Repair Vs. Replace?

Has a friend or family member ever asked you if they should pay for AC repair vs. replace? Now that you’ve learned all about which option is the most cost-effective, you can tell them everything they need to know. That way, both you and your loved ones can save money.

North Port AC Repair is here to provide you with the best and most affordable services on the market. We can ensure that you don’t pay a dime more than necessary.

Feel free to contact us now and schedule a visit with a trusted AC expert.

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