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It’s 2024 and we’re officially living in the Digital Age. We’ve become accustomed to using our smartphones to control nearly every aspect of our lives, from ordering groceries to chatting with friends across the globe.

Now, even our AC units are smart!

These systems are designed to work intuitively and seamlessly, synching with your mobile device so you can monitor your settings from anywhere, at any time.

Are smart AC systems worth it? Today, we’re breaking it all down and sharing five reasons the answer is a resounding yes for your Port Charlotte property.

1. On-the-Go Convenience

Smart AC systems are operable via a mobile app, connected to your smartphone. That means you can control your unit right where you’re sitting. You may even be able to use voice commands, so you don’t have to swipe a screen or press a button.

With many apps, you can even create custom settings depending on the time of day or any other parameter. For instance, some allow you to put your unit on “sleep mode” so the temperature doesn’t fluctuate overnight and disturb your rest. Others allow you to enter “silent mode” or a similar setting, so the unit runs more quietly as you work from home.

2. Save Energy (and Money!)

Experts estimate that around 6% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. is used to power air conditioners. Not only does this require a ton of power, but it also produces a significant amount of carbon dioxide into the air, which can harm the environment.

When you switch to a new AC unit that runs on smart technology, you can help conserve energy. As soon as you create your settings, the system will slow down once it reaches your desired temperature. This helps you reduce the amount of power it needs, which can also save you money on your future utility bills!

3. More Efficient Performance

Have you ever walked into a sweltering home, only to wait half an hour while the AC cranks up and makes you cool again? With a smart home AC, you can turn on the unit before you even arrive. That way, the temperature is already at an ideal level when you walk through the door.

4. Early Problem Identification

Regular AC maintenance visits can help you stay on top of any issues that might affect your air conditioner. However, what if you could learn about those problems before a scheduled service?

Many smart AC systems include components that notify you of potential problems right away. This way, you can schedule repairs as soon as you need them.

5. Lower Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint measures how much carbon dioxide and other carbon components a given system emits as it consumes necessary fossil fuels. We should all be looking for ways to lower ours as climate change continues to affect our environment.

While smart ACs still contribute toward energy use, they don’t require as much energy to operate. By making the switch, you can do your part to lower your home’s total carbon footprint and stay as eco-friendly as possible.

Learn More About Smart AC Systems

Now that you know a little more about how smart AC systems work, are you interested in installing one at your home? From energy and cost savings to increased efficiency and environmental advantages, there are many reasons to make the switch.

When it comes to Port Charlotte AC services, our team at Cliffs Air Conditioning is proud of the local reputation we’ve built. We’re happy to share more about how these systems work, and what your next steps would include. Schedule a service today to get started!

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