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Air conditioning is a big part of our lives. In fact, three-quarters of American homes have air conditioning. Air conditioning offers more benefits than cooling down your home. This one device reduces home humidity levels, improves home air quality, attracts fewer insects, and more.

All Floridians know that AC is necessary to handle the hot weather. Unfortunately, your AC unit won’t last forever. The last thing you want is to suffer from air conditioner issues. But does your HVAC system need repairs or should you get a new one? Here are 4 signs you need a new AC and when to get help from a professional.

1. Increased Energy Costs

As your AC unit ages, it won’t function as well. It will take more energy to run your unit, which is why you can see an increase in your energy bill. When you invest in a new air conditioner, make sure you buy a new AC with a high energy-efficiency ratio. Some other things you can do include keeping your windows closed, keeping the thermostat around 78 degrees, utilizing ceiling fans, and regularly servicing your AC.

2. Old HVAC System

Even if your AC unit isn’t experiencing problems, replacing it is a good idea if your HVAC system is old. Most AC units last 20 years before they’re due for a replacement. There are other reasons to replace an old AC unit. For example, maybe you need repairs but your warranty won’t cover the repairs due to the AC’s age. And in some cases, a new AC unit will give you more for your money than the cost of repairs.

3. Humidity Issues

Air conditioning reduces the humidity levels in your home. But if your home feels humid or if moisture levels are building up, your AC could be the culprit. Specifically, this could be an issue with the evaporator coil. This repair could set you back a couple of thousand. At that price, you might as well get a new AC — especially if your system is old.

4. Your Home Feels Hot

Do you leave your AC on but your home still feels hot? This is often the sign when most homeowners know they need a new AC. In this case, your AC either won’t blow air or will only blow hot air. Keep in mind that these issues don’t always signal a new AC. There could be a repair needed, especially in the ductwork. These costs are significantly less than the cost of a new AC, but a professional should still handle these repairs.

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