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Florida heat is in full effect by the time summertime rolls around.

The city of North Port and its surrounding areas are prone to extreme heat issues that can cause heatstroke, exhaustion, and other problems day or night.

You will always stay safe and comfortable indoors when you address your air conditioning issues. The air conditioner tips below will assist you when you need to make some adjustments.

1. Don’t Wait too Long to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Failing to change your air conditioner will give you more trouble in the long-run. When you start to notice that your air conditioner isn’t getting cold, is making too much noise, or if you’ve already had it for 10 to 15 years, it’s time to start pricing a replacement.

Figure out the best air conditioning system for your home’s needs. Central air conditioning is always the best choice, so look for models from the best brands available.

By jumping on this issue and getting a replacement you’ll ward off summer heat problems and will keep your family comfortable and relaxed.

2. Clean or Change Your AC Filters Periodically

Fresh air conditioning filters will buy more productive years out of your system. If you let your filters get too dirty then your vents will clog and block your airflow.

The easy solution is to check these filters at least once every month to get an idea of their condition. If they’re starting to clog and give you problems then it’s time to either clean or change them. Regularly servicing your filters will also help you protect the breathing air of everyone in your home.

People that have allergies will appreciate the time and effort that you take to service your air filters. You might need to change your filters even more frequently if you smoke or if you have pets.

3. Save Your Energy By Discerning How You Use Your Air Conditioner

Owning an air conditioner is one thing, but you’ll get the best value from it when you look to conserve energy. Use your ceiling fans during mild days so that you’re not unnecessarily running your AC and burning energy.

When you do use your air conditioner, turn it onto mild temperatures unless it’s an extremely hot day. Use your energy saver settings so that the system can cycle on and off rather than simply blowing the same amount of air all day.

Simply choosing to your air conditioner less and with more discretion will save you lots of money on your energy bills.

4. Check Out Your Refrigerant Levels

Your air conditioner uses several moving parts, but the refrigerant level is one of the most important components. The refrigerant is the fluid that lets your air conditioner blow cold air throughout your home.

When your refrigerant runs low you are more likely to have a system that is blowing warm air or no air at all. Make sure to charge the refrigerant every couple of years to guarantee the best possible AC performance.

5. Hire Professionals for Inspections

The little things matter the most with your AC system. Something as small as getting an inspection each year can help you stretch the lifetime of the system.

The inspection itself shouldn’t cost you more than about $100 or so but will tell you several details about your AC and the work that it needs.

After an inspection, your air conditioning professional might suggest that you install a dehumidifier to keep your humidity levels reasonable in your home. They can also change your filters for you and help you out with any kind of repairs your system needs.

Staying in front of these inspections will let you really get the most value from your system and to keep your home nice and cool during hot and humid North Port summers.

6. Install a Brand New Thermostat for Your Air Conditioning System

The thermostat is the real hero and workhorse of your air conditioning system.

Take the time to upgrade your old and outdated thermostat so that you have greater control over your temperatures. Buy a thermostat that has several settings and climate controls that will keep your home more comfortable.

When your thermostat is engineered with sophistication, you’re less likely to waste energy in your household. Instead, you’ll keep your energy bills in check while also maintaining peak performance from your AC system.

If you’re under the impression that your temperatures are always off, get the thermostat checked to see if you need a replacement. This replacement will usually only cost you a few hundred dollars but will also save you lots of money on energy costs.

7. Always Improve Your Insulation and Other Eco-Friendly Measures

Have some North Port AC contractors provide an energy audit in your home. During this audit, they will let you know the energy liabilities that you’re dealing with.

This often means things like air leaks or poor insulation. Upgrading your insulation will make your AC run better, which will help you spend less money on your utilities.

Improving your insulation will always get you better air conditioning service in the long run.

Follow These Air Conditioner Tips

Using these air conditioner tips will give you all you need to find the high-quality, sustainable performance that you’re looking for. This work starts by hiring the highest quality AC pros that you can find.

We take every call seriously and will gladly assist you with your air conditioning service needs. Assess these tips, contact us online and give us a call at (941)629-2863 any time of day.