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Did you know that $15.16 billion in the US alone? This makes sense when you consider that everyone needs air conditioning and heating to remain comfortable.

Because the market is so large, HVAC problems are one of the more common struggles in both residential and commercial spaces. One of the most common issues is an AC turning on and off by itself. Read on to learn what the causes of this problem may be and how you can troubleshoot the issue.

Why Is Your North Port AC Turning On and Off?

There are many reasons that this problem may arise. Potential issues may include refrigerant problems, airflow restrictions, dirty filters and coils, bad thermostat placement, and frozen evaporator coils. All of these lead to your North Port, FL, AC short cycling.

This means that the cooling cycle terminates prematurely because of failing parts. These parts may be broken or dirty, but they may also be having mechanical or electrical issues.

Short cycling is bad because it takes more power to start your AC. This causes undue wear and tear on its inner workings. It also means that you’ll wrack up an enormous electrical bill in addition to maintenance and repair fees.

How to Troubleshoot the Problem

The first thing to do when your AC keeps turning on and off is to examine the system. See if you can figure out the source of the problem. While you likely can’t take care of it on your own, telling HVAC maintenance professionals what you find can help them figure out where to start looking.

The next thing to do is call in experts to work on your system. They have the tools and knowledge required to troubleshoot it. Attempting to DIY the repairs may cause even more damage to your AC and render it unsalvageable.

The solution may be as simple as replacing a small part of the AC unit. You may even just need to move it to a new location. While it’s possible that you need a replacement, you won’t know until you consult with a pro.

Preventing Future Issues

Once your North Port HVAC is working properly again, there are a few steps that you should take to prevent future problems. The first is simply keeping an eye on it. If you see any potential causes of an AC unit short cycling, this lets you troubleshoot them immediately.

The next prevention measure is cleaning your unit regularly. Change the air filter at least once a month and wipe down the surface of the HVAC. Call in maintenance experts annually to have a look at the AC unit.

This will ensure that it remains in good shape. It also will keep utility bills low.

Repair Your North Port, FL, HVAC System Today

While an AC turning on and off is an annoying problem, it’s easy to fix. Now that you know how to begin working towards resolving your issue, it’s time to reach out.

Since we’re committed to ensuring that you have safe and cool air in your home, we look forward to working with you soon. Contact us to discuss your emergency HVAC needs today.

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