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Having your air conditioner blowing hot air will likely create a moment of panic, especially if it is the summer AC season. The reason may be an incorrect setting on your thermostat. It may also require calling your local North Port AC maintenance facility.

Often the first question that comes to mind is “why is my ac blowing hot air?” It may be that the unit is blowing recycled air. This is because AC units are not built to provide a constant supply of cool air. Air conditioners provide cool air when the thermostat tells the AC unit to cool the air.

If the temperature in the room is well above the temperature set on your thermostat, there is a problem. Before you melt in the heat, let’s look at AC issues that may cause your unit to blow warm air.

1. Blowing Hot Air on Cool Setting

Verify your thermostat is properly set and the screen shows cooling status. If set correctly test the air-off temperature from the supply air outlet. Using a digital thermometer or temperature gun measure the airflow from one of the air supply outlets.

If the reading is above 55 degrees, there is a problem in the outdoor unit. The indoor fan may be operating without the compressor. This means you are recycling inside air.

If there is a compressor problem, the thermostat display will indicate a fault. Check your user manual and thermostat error code to troubleshoot the fault. Once you know the problem you can decide if you can repair the AC problems or need to contact a North Port air conditioning repair service.

2. LP Switch Tripped

A low-pressure (LP) switch is a pressure sensing device that prevents your AC unit from operating when the pressure is too low. Air conditioners operate on a combination of temperature and pressure. If the backpressure becomes too low, the temperature drops.

When this happens, the evaporator may cause ice to develop on the coil. The LP sensor switch will lock out the compressor if this happens to prevent the evaporator from freezing.

Resetting the LP switch is easy, but you need to find the reason for the switch tripping. The problem may be due to other problems shown below.

3. Dirty Filter

The air filter sits before the evaporator to keep dirt off the evaporator coil. If the filter becomes dirty airflow it restricts airflow over the evaporator. This negatively impacts the temperature and pressure of the coil.

Operating an AC unit with a dirty filter will cause the LP switch to trip or the evaporator coil to ice up. To prevent this, change your air filter every 3-4 months and every two months if you have pets.

4. Blockage in Refrigeration System

If your unit has a blockage in the refrigeration system, it will restrict the refrigerant entering the evaporator. When the refrigerant is unable to flow into the evaporator, the system will not operate.

This fault will cause the HP or LP safety switches to activate. The compressor will then lockout for protection. This type of repair requires contacting an air conditioner maintenance facility.

Repairing refrigerant blockages requires extensive troubleshooting. The professional North Port AC repair facility will arrive with several HVAC gauges and tools to help them locate the fault. This repair is usually costly, so check if the company offers financing.

5. Compressor Overload Tripped

Putting excessive load on a compressor creates an unreasonable demand. This causes the compressor to overheat and activates the overload switch.

The activation protects the motor by sensing temperature and breaking the electrical circuit if it becomes too hot. If you set your thermostat too low and the AC unit is unable to keep up, the compressor will overheat and burn out.

Before Your Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

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