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It’s suggested that you have your North Port HVAC system serviced at least once a year. There’s also the very real possibility that you might run into some issues with your unit. So you just might have to have a North Port HVAC contractor visit several times a year.

Because of this, you need to select someone who’s not only affordable, but trustworthy.

If you’re wondering what to look for when searching “licensed HVAC contractors near me”, then read on. Here’s a brief guide!

License and Certifications

In this state, you must have a Florida HVAC license to be a certified technician. There are 4 different licenses, which allow techs to work on different levels of systems.

When hiring a pro, you need to make sure they’re properly licensed. Otherwise, they’re operating illegally and might damage and break your North Port HVAC unit.

Additional certifications are always a good sign. This means the North Port HVAC professionals are willing to go above and beyond to serve you better.

Years of Experience

A license is just the bare minimum needed for a good North Port HVAC contractor. The more years of experience they have, the better.

This shows that they’ve provided excellent services consistently and have ironed out all the kinks in how they run their business. It also means it’s more likely they’ve handled situations similar to yours before.


It’s very easy to look at customer reviews nowadays; Google itself will display them on the side after you perform your search.

Make sure you choose a licensed HVAC pro that has plenty of good ratings. Steer clear of those that have scores of bad reviews. And you should especially avoid those with 0 reviews, as this indicates that they’re either completely new to the industry or previously have had such bad business they had to rebrand.

Call Around

Once you have a few HVAC companies in mind, you’ll want to call around. Consider coming up with a list of questions to ask so you can gauge how they run their businesses.

Excellent companies will be more than happy to listen to your needs, answer questions, and provide free quotes.

Request Multiple Quotes

On that note, you’ll want to request several quotes before settling on a final company. This allows you to compare and see if any companies are outliers. This usually indicates they’re not very honest.

In general, you’ll want to stick to businesses that give you quotes that lie in the middle. Also, make sure you get these quotes in writing so it’s easier to get the HVAC company to adhere to what was quoted.

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