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What if you could beat the summer heat once and for all?

Summer is a great time for lazy days and family road trips. But when your sweat starts rolling, you’ll want some good ideas to stay cool.

Wondering how to stay cool in summer, even if your air conditioning is on the fritz? Keep reading to discover our hottest tips for keeping cool!

1. Drink That Water

If you want to know how to stay cool in summer, some of our tips are simpler than others. For example, one of the best things you can do is stay hydrated each day!

In hot weather, your body is constantly losing moisture in the form of sweat. And the more you sweat, the more dehydrated you’ll be. But by drinking two liters of water per day, you can keep cool in the face of the hottest weather.

2. Spray Water On Yourself

Water is good for more than just drinking. That is why one of our favorite tips to stay cool is spraying yourself with water.

We recommend getting a spray bottle (the same kind you might use to train a naughty cat), filling it with water, and putting the bottle in the fridge. Whenever you feel like you are overheating, just take out the bottle and spray yourself down!

3. Buy A Portable Fan

So far, our tips have primarily focused on keeping you cool around the house. But what if you need to stay cool on the go?

In that case, we recommend investing in a portable fan. Even the most basic models will help generate some cold air that you can direct onto your body.

More advanced portable fans will blow air and also spray a mist of water on you. This can be very refreshing when you are stuck outside on a summer’s day.

4. Skip The Coffee

Many of us need a good cup of coffee in the morning just to feel human. But did you know that morning coffee may be sabotaging your attempts to keep cool?

The caffeine inside the coffee can actually constrict some of your blood vessels and make your body feel hot. That’s great during the winter but may make you unpleasantly hot during the summer.

5. Dress In Loose, Pale Clothing

You can’t do much about the outside temperature. But what you wear can make that heat either feel comfortable or completely unbearable.

Ideally, the clothing you wear should be loose and thin if it is cotton. You can also experiment with fabrics designed specifically to handle sweaty bodies. Pale colors usually help reflect the heat, but some scientists swear black is a good summer color to keep cool.

6. Go Swimming

If you like to exercise, summer can be miserable because simply burning calories will burn you up. That’s why we recommend taking up swimming at local pools, beaches, or gyms.

The water will naturally cool you down. And you can burn a ton of calories while swimming, all without breaking a sweat!

How To Stay Cool In Summer: Your Next Move

Now you know how to stay cool in summer. But do you know how to cool off with one phone call?

We specialize in fixing air conditioning systems and keeping you cool. To see what we can do for your home, just contact us today!

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