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Are you wondering how long your AC unit is going to last? Do you find yourself worrying about the outcome of your air conditioner moving forward? If so, then you need to learn more about the typical air conditioner lifespan.

Doing so can help you manage your expectations. You’ll learn more about how long a typical AC unit lasts, the signs that yours needs to be replaced, and what you can do to lengthen the lifespan as much as possible. 

See below for an in-depth guide on the life of an air conditioner and what you can do to keep it going for longer.

The Typical Lifespan of an Air Conditioner

How long does the average air conditioner last? That’s a loaded question. It depends on a variety of different factors.

Believe it or not, you have some control over that answer. The amount that you neglect or prioritize your AC unit has a direct impact on its duration.

For example, the average American forgets to replace their air filters frequently enough. As such, the air conditioning unit has to work harder than anticipated to push out the ideal amount of airflow and, in time, will undergo wear and tear much quicker.

As the owner of the AC unit, it’s important to understand the role that you play in its lifespan. What can you do to keep up with its traditional maintenance? What are the signs that it needs to be repaired or replaced?

It’s also important to find the right air conditioning maintenance service to take care of your entire HVAC system. Are they willing to educate you on your needs? Do they offer honest feedback on the condition of your current unit?

If they offer AC installation in North Port, what all does that entail? Do they have a warranty on their services? It’s important to ask yourself all of these questions.

What You Can Do to Lengthen Its Lifespan

This is an important piece of the puzzle. How can you lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit? In other words: how can you ensure you get the most out of your AC unit before you—one day— have to replace it.

Here are a few of the most important ways you can prolong your AC’s life. Be sure to implement them in your routine.

Replace Air Filters Often

Air filters are often the most neglected and forgotten chore of the modern homeowner. It’s as easy as pulling out the old one and switching it out with a new one, yet millions of homeowners forget to do so each month.

These filters have the all-important job of blocking dirt and dust from getting into your AC unit, to ensure that it’s pushing clean air throughout your house. But as the dust and dirt pile up, it becomes harder for the clean air to flow through.

The dirtier the filter gets, the harder your AC unit has to work push the same amount of air out and reach your preferred temperature. That workload can lead to your AC unit overheating and causing issues down the line as well.

To avoid this problem, set a monthly reminder to switch out the filters. That way, on the same day of every month, you’re switching out your filter for a new one.

Get Yearly Maintenance

Many experts recommend that homeowners follow the 2/1 method for yearly maintenance. That means you set up appointments for your AC unit once a year and twice a year for your overall HVAC system.

Getting yearly maintenance will help your trusted AC repair company to identify any potential problems. As North Port residents well know, there’s never an ideal time for your AC unit to stop working in the Florida climate.

If you want to be extra preventative, consider pushing that maintenance up to twice a year. That way, you’ll guarantee to extend the life of your unit as possible.

Give It Time to Breath

Extending your AC unit’s life is all about finding balance in its usage. The more frequently you use it, the less likely it is to last. 

If there’s a day or two where the Florida weather is colder than usual, turn off the AC for a few hours to give it a rest.

If that’s not an option for your family, then be sure to adjust the thermometer to a reasonable temperature. The lower you set it, the harder your AC unit has to work and the less rest that it gets.

Signs That You Need a Replacement

Anytime your AC unit starts to act up, you’ll wonder whether it’s time to repair or replace it. These are the most common signs that it’s time to do the latter:

  1. It has an immense amount of moisture gathering around the AC unit, possibly even a leak.
  2. Strange sounds are coming from the unit whenever it turns on. Which is always a sign of aging. When it gets to an intolerable level, it’s time to replace it.
  3. Your energy bills are rising quickly. The less functional an AC unit is, the more energy it will require to operate, thus costing you more in the process.

Extend Your Air Conditioner Lifespan With Professional Help

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to extend an air conditioner lifespan, it’s time to get the professional touch that you need.

Be sure to read this article on the 5 mistakes that your AC can make as well as how to fix them.

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