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Did you know that Florida s in the top 4 hottest states in the USA? If you have lived, are living, or are planning to live in Florida, you likely know that air conditioning is vital in every house. 

However, if you don’t have AC or you need to replace it, what steps are involved in installing it? How long will an installation take?

Why not find the answers to these and other questions regarding AC Installation methods in our in-depth article. 

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time for the installation depends on the system you have chosen. However, you could expect an average installation time in a normal house to last between 8-14 hours.

You will be able to get a more specific timeframe from your AC installation company. They will come and survey the installation location before the work begins. 

In a state as hot as Florida, AC is necessary for almost all houses and offices. If the price of the installation is preventing you from having AC installed, why not look for companies with financing options

How Can I Prepare?

There are some steps that you can take to speed up the installation of the AC system.  

  • Start by clearing the area where the crew will install the external AC unit. Workers may not be able to access necessary areas if vehicles too close to walls and other areas. Even removing smaller items such as plants and garden tools will give the workers faster access to needed areas. 
  • If you have pets, ensure that they are safely caged or locked away from areas where work will take place. 
  • The installation team will need to enter every room where they will install ductwork or AC units. It would be good to move any sensitive objects or antiques that could easily fall and break before work begins. 

The AC installation team will also prepare the site before they start working. This will involve the following:

  • They will start by performing an initial assessment of the site. They will identify challenges to the installation and ensure that they have the tools needed to complete the work. 
  • Next, they will cover work areas with fabric or paper to protect floors. Following this, they will either cover or move nearby furniture that may come be impacted during the installation.
  • They will next inform you how long the installation will take and whether you should stay in the home during the process. 

Following this. they will be ready to start the installation procedure. This will involve the removal of any obstacles to the new AC system, including the old system. 

What Happens to the Old AC System?

If you are replacing a creaking old AC system, the installation team will first need to remove elements of the previous system. This is easier said than done. 

AC systems are a complex blend of hardware such as ducting, motors, and AC refrigerant chemicals. They will need to handle these with extreme care when removing them.

To remove the old system, they may need to cut the main power and remove parts one by one. You should expect that the crew will cut the main power to your house and appliances several times during the installation.

AC Installation

After removing all existing AC materials, the installation crew can start to install the new parts. Depending on the scale of the installation, this could include external and internal installations, ducting, and drainage lines. 

Often the installation of an AC system will require changes to the wiring and circuit box in the home. Often the crew will handle these changes. However, in some situations, it requires the help of a licensed contractor.

Other Necessary Repairs

As the installation progresses, the crew may find that further repairs are necessary. After they remove the old installation, workers may discover damp, rotten timbers and damaged ductwork

The original scope of works will likely not have included these developments. the installation crew leader will likely talk with you about the need to make repairs and the additional cost if the team makes the repairs themselves. 

If the repairs are outside of the skillset of the installation crew, such as electrical or plumbing, they will inform you. It may be necessary for the installation to stop temporarily while the homeowner makes arrangements for the repairs.

AC Testing

As mentioned, AC systems are a complex blend of machinery and chemicals. This means that after the installation is complete, the crew will perform a number of key tests to ensure that it is safe to use the installation on a day to day basis. 

The crew will perform pressure and vacuum tests to ensure that the installation is ready to receive coolant. After they add the coolant, the system will be entirely activated to ensure that it works completely. 

Following this, the installation crew will take you on a walkthrough of the entire system. They will show you how to turn it on, adjust the temperature, replace basic parts, and perform basic maintenance. 

Before they finish this stage, ensure that you talk to them about warranty and other rebate options that the installation company offers.

Everything You Need to Know About the AC Installation and More

If you are returning to your Florida home and realizing that you need AC to make your home comfortable, you may be wondering where you can turn for help. A simple AC Installation or replacement may seem invasive and expensive. Now you know the steps involved and how to approach the project. 

When you need to exchange or improve the air conditioning in your home, you need to employ people you can trust. We have been in the AC for many years and leverage our experience to provide trustworthy advice and premium services.

Why not contact us to ask any questions that you have about AC installations.

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