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If there is one place you don’t want to experience an air conditioning breakdown, it is North Port, Florida. Average high temperatures range from the low 70’s to the mid-upper 80’s. With Florida being the most humid of the 48 contiguous states, and having AC problems becomes oppressive.

As a North Port air conditioning unit owner, you want to keep your ac unit in top operating condition. One way to prevent problems is to schedule routine maintenance with a reputable air conditioning company.

Even with routine maintenance problems can happen. Here are some common problems and how to repair them.

1. Dirty Air Filter

To keep air flowing from your AC unit, it is important to keep the filter clean. A clogged filter restricts airflow and decreases the unit’s efficiency. If your unit is not cooling effectively, a dirty filter may be the reason.

Change your air filter in accordance with the filter manufacturer’s recommendations. The average time is every 3-4 months. If you have a pet you may need to change the filter more frequently due to pet fur accumulating on the filter.

2. Fan Failure

When your air conditioner is operating it transfers heat from inside your home to the outdoors with a fan in the outdoor unit. If the fan is not operating properly this transfer does not happen. This may cause the compressor to overheat or trip the safety load.

Turn off the power to the unit and remove the outer casing for a visual inspection. This problem is difficult to diagnose because it may be a wiring problem or a loose component. To make sure repairs are done properly, contact an air conditioning service professional.

3. Water Leak

Water leaks are possible both indoors and outdoors. With an inside leak, you will see water leaking from the unit. This may be due to your condensate drain being clogged with fungi or algae. This will cause a backup of water in the pipe, causing a leak.

You may be able to unclog the pipe with a wet or dry vacuum. Indoor leaks may also be due to a breakdown of your condensate pump. In this case, the pump will need a repair or a replacement.

If your unit is leaking water outdoors, you will see a puddle of water below the compressor. There are several reasons this may happen, including a broken condensate pan, dry air filter, improper installation, and a bad ac seal.

When you notice an outside water leak turn your air conditioner off and disconnect it from the power supply. You then need to call your North Port AC repair company to determine the problem.

4. Electric Control Failure

With the high heat and humidity of Florida, it is possible that your ac unit is turning on and off frequently. This may cause your compressor and fan to wear out. The blower motor, condenser motor, and compressor connect, allowing the unit to start.

If there is corrosion in the terminals or wires that disrupts the connection, the compressor and motor will not turn on. If you are unable to locate the problem, call your North Port air conditioning repair for an evaluation.

5. Frozen Evaporator Coil

If your air conditioner does not receive sufficient airflow the evaporator coil will freeze and the unit will shut down. Ice may accumulate on the coil, preventing the refrigerant in the coil to absorb heat.

Begin by allowing the evaporator coil to defrost. By disconnecting the power and not using the unit the coils will defrost, usually in about 24 hours. To complete the repair you will need to call North Port AC maintenance to resolve the problem.

Resolve Your AC Problems in North Port, Florida

You now know some of the AC problems you may encounter. Preventative routine maintenance will keep your unit in good working order.

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