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We’re always told to maintain our air conditioner, but why? According to energy.gov, regular air conditioning maintenance is integral to effective AC functioning. The coils, filters, and fins all need regular AC maintenance. For best results, maintain your AC at least twice a year.

While many homeowners (especially Florida homeowners) understand the importance of air conditioning maintenance, there are those who make common mistakes with their AC unit. Depending on the severity of the mistakes, it can shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Here are the 5 most common AC maintenance mistakes. Read through this list and call a professional if you’ve made these mistakes before.

1. Ignoring Strange Noises

Inevitably, your AC will make some noise. A low noise similar to blowing air isn’t anything to worry about. You know your AC unit the best and you’ll know when your air conditioner starts making some surprising noises.

If that happens, never ignore those signs or think you can hold off AC maintenance. These noises may point to damage within the unit. If you ignore the problems, the damage will only get worse and your AC may even break down.

2. Not Checking the Filters

Your air filters have a very important job. They catch particles such as dust, dander, and even mold and fungal spores, that occur in the environment.

You should be inspecting your filters more than any other part in your unit — specifically once every three months. If you use paper filters, discard and replace them regularly. Washable filters are also an option; they’re easy to clean and you save money.

What happens if you don’t inspect and replace/wash your filters? Your AC unit will work harder to cool down your home. This alone causes problems and may decrease the lifespan of your AC unit. And as a Florida homeowner, you need an effective air conditioner!

3. Not Scheduling Professional Check-Ups

Sure, you like being a DIY person. You may think that you can save a few bucks by maintaining your AC yourself. While some tasks, such as inspecting the air filters, are easy for anyone, some tasks require a professional.

Let’s just say you’ve been maintaining your own AC system and you haven’t noticed a serious problem. That problem will cause wear and tear on your system. This may lead to expensive repairs where you’ll definitely need an AC maintenance contractor.

Even though you should do your own inspections, we recommend calling a professional twice a year to check your AC unit. You would be surprised how many AC companies offer discounts and specials on maintenance services, so you save more money than you think.

Avoid These AC Maintenance Mistakes By Calling a Professional

Have you read through this article and realized you’re making these common AC maintenance mistakes? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to call a professional about your common AC issues. We offer a variety of air conditioning services, such as new AC installation, repairing AC units, indoor air quality, and more, to home and business owners in the Port Charlotte area.

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