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During the summer, the oppressive heat and humidity causes many homeowners to run their air conditioners constantly. That certainly succeeds in keeping the temperature low, and helps control the humidity somewhat. However, there is one big problem that comes from keeping your house sealed off and air conditioned all day: stale air. Let’s take a look at the problems lack of air circulation might cause, and how a heat recovery ventilator can help alleviate those problems.

Stale Air Issues

Today’s buildings, including homes, are designed to be mostly airtight when all the windows and doors are closed. This is an intentional design to help maintain climate control while the air conditioner or heater are running. The problem is that this design works too well. When homes are sealed off from outside air for that long, they begin to feel more like tombs than residences. Stale air isn’t just uncomfortable, though. The lack of air flow causes contaminants to become trapped in the home, making it more likely for you to have allergy attacks or get sick. Obviously, you don’t want to open a window to solve this problem because it would let all the heat in. So, the best thing to do is install a heat recovery ventilator.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

A heat recovery ventilator is a device that allows fresh air to flow into the home, while stale air flows out. As the two air streams pass into the device, they flow through a heat exchanger that equalizes their temperatures. As such, the fresh air coming into the home is much closer to the temperature of the air already inside than the air outside. This allows you to keep fresh air circulating through your home without having to compromise your climate control.

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