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When summer rolls around, most people tend to focus on keeping their homes cool. While staying cool is certainly a top priority, indoor air quality should also be something that you pay attention to. Airborne contaminants are the most common cause of problems related to poor indoor air quality, which include asthma and the flu. The best way to deal with these contaminants is to install an air purifier in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the air purifiers that could benefit you this summer.

Air Filters

An air filter is a woven fiber mesh that is stretched across a section of ducts in your home. As air is circulated through the filter, any contaminants that it carries will become snared in the fibers. Then the filter just needs to be cleaned out every couple of months to rid the home of the contaminants. Air filters air conditioner are among the simplest, and most popular air purifier types in the country.

Ionization Purifiers

An ionization purifier releases clouds of ions around itself during operation. As contaminants come into contact with these ions, they collect them, becoming heavier with each one. Eventually, the contaminant particles become too heavy to remain airborne. The area in and around the ionization purifier needs to be cleaned every once in a while to get rid of the contaminants for good, but at least they won’t be circulating through your air.

UV Air Purifier

A UV air purifier is like a large lightbulb that gives off ultraviolet light. Many kinds of viruses, bacteria, and mold spores cannot withstand exposure to that much UV light. They are either sterilized or destroyed upon contact, helping to keep you healthy and comfortable in the process.

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