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There are a ton of different factors that come into play when deciding on a new furnace, and most of them are given the consideration they deserve. Efficiency ratings, fuel types, and the like are all carefully evaluated by homeowners looking for a new furnace system.

One factor that isn’t given nearly enough consideration, however, is size. Just picking any furnace that can physically fit into the designated space can result in all sorts of problems later on. Let’s take a look at what happens when your furnace is too large or too small.

Oversized Furnaces

The main issue with getting furnaces that are the wrong size is that it messes up their heating cycles. Furnaces are designed to operate with a certain rhythm, and when that rhythm is thrown off it can damage the system. Oversized furnaces put out too much heat for the space in which they are installed. This will cause the thermostat to shut down the system faster than it should, as the target temperature will be reached early. The stress of starting and stopping sooner than it should will cause the furnace to develop far more problems than if it were properly sized. Eventually, the furnace will break down.

Undersized Furnaces

Undersized furnaces don’t put out enough heat to keep the home comfortable, so they will stay on for far longer than they should in an attempt to compensate. This prolonged operation will cause the furnace to wear out far faster than it should, much like the oversized furnace. Also like the oversized furnace, an undersized furnace will break down far more quickly because of the added wear and tear on the system.

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