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We have a few weeks left before it gets cold enough to use a heating system on a regular basis. However, plenty of people are shopping for new heating systems now, so they don’t have to go without a heating system for any length of time when it does start to get cold. It can be tempting to just go for the biggest heating system you can fit into your house, but that may actually do more harm than good. Read on to find out why it’s so important to make sure that your heating system is the right size.


An oversized heating system is going to produce more heat than the home can handle, so much so that it will often be shut down before it can complete an entire cycle. This constant stop/start method of operation, known as short cycling, is very bad for the heating system. While the heater is short cycling, it will be placed under far more stress than it was designed to handle. This shortens the life of the system significantly. An oversized heater will tend to be far less efficient and need to be replaced more often, than a properly sized system.


An undersized system will not be able to properly heat the home in which it is installed. In order to compensate for this, the system will operate for longer than it was designed to do. This ends up having the same effect as if the system were oversized. The system will wear down much faster, be less efficient, and need to be replaced much sooner than it otherwise would. This is why it’s so important that you have a properly sized system in your home.

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