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Summer is almost over, and that means it’s almost time to turn off your air conditioner for another year. If you have a heat pump, though, you’ll likely be starting it right back up again in order to deal with the cold months of winter. One of the best things about heat pumps is their ability to act as both heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, that ability can also cause problems in the long run. Read on to find out why your heat pump needs fall maintenance.

Wear and Tear

Normally, scheduling preventive maintenance at least once a year is enough to keep a forced-air system in good condition. This allows your HVAC technician to find and deal with problems before they develop to the point of damaging your system. With heat pumps, though, one maintenance appointment a year is not enough. Heat pumps operate year round, unlike air conditioners and heaters that typically only see a few months of use per year. This constant use doubles the amount of wear and tear on the system, and that means it’s twice as likely for problems to crop up with heat pumps as with other systems. If you want to protect your heat pump as much as possible, you’re going to need to schedule preventive maintenance at least twice a year.

Why Fall Maintenance?

The best time to schedule maintenance for any system is right before you plan on using it very often. The next stressful time for the heat pump will be during the winter, as it works daily to keep your home warm. That means that the best time to schedule maintenance for the heat pump would be fall. Fall preventive maintenance will make sure that your heat pump is up to the task of working all winter long.

If you need fall heat pump maintenance, call Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. We provide heat pump maintenance services throughout Port Charlotte, FL.