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Heat pumps are valued for their ability to switch between air conditioning and heating modes as needed. However, if your heat pump won’t switch out of air conditioning mode, it means the system is having issues. There is typically only one thing that causes a problem like this, and that is the reversing valve. Read on to find out what to do about it.

The Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is a 4-way valve that sits in the refrigerant line of the system. Within the valve is a slide, which moves back and forth between two positions. Depending on the position the slide is in, the refrigerant will flow in one direction or the other and determine the mode the heat pump uses. The slide is moved back and forth using an electromagnet called the solenoid.


If your heat pump is stuck in air conditioning mode, it is almost certainly because of a problem with the reversing valve. If the slide is stuck in the valve, as can sometimes happen, then a professional will need to open and reset it. If the solenoid has malfunctioned, though, it likely means that it has lost its charge. An electromagnet without a charge is pretty useless, and so will need to be replaced. Once that’s done, the system should be returned to normal function. Please note that either of these repairs requires a level of expertise limited to professionals. As such, you should always have a professional examine your system when you’re having this problem.

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