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We’re moving towards the end of summer, which means it’s almost time to schedule maintenance for your heat pump again. You may think this a bit ridiculous, especially if you have already had maintenance done on your heat pump in the last six months. However, you should be scheduling maintenance for your heat pump at least twice a year. Read on to find out why that is.

Preventive Maintenance

Waiting around for a problem to present itself with your system is not a good idea. This is because the majority of heat pump problems don’t present any recognizable symptoms until they’re quite far advanced. By the time you realize that your heat pump is having problems, it’s probably too late to actually prevent the majority of the damage. Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, allows your technician to find and fix problems before they have the chance to develop far enough to damage the system. So, make sure that you schedule preventive maintenance on a regular basis if you want to keep your heat pump system in the best possible shape. You can save quite a bit of money over the life of your system by doing this.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Most climate control systems are just fine with one maintenance appointment per year. This is because traditional air conditioners and heaters only have one high-stress time of year. Heat pumps, however, are both heaters and air conditioners. A heat pump will accumulate wear and tear twice as quickly as other climate control systems. For this reason, they need preventive maintenance twice as often in order to stay in good condition. You should schedule preventive maintenance for your heat pump during the spring and fall seasons, to prepare for the summer and winter.

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