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According to the Energy Information Regulation, more than 100 million homes in the United States have air conditioning systems. An air conditioner is now a standard piece of equipment in almost every American home.  For most people, summers can be quite uncomfortable with consistently high humidity.

Having an AC in your house guarantees you a relaxed and comfortable experience. Nevertheless, if your AC is not working correctly, you may be in for trouble. Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your AC operates optimally.

With these HVAC maintenance tips, you won’t have to ever worry about intermittent AC failures at home. Read on to learn more about why AC maintenance is so important.

1. Lower Your Utility Bill

Have you noted an unusual upsurge in your monthly utility bill? Well, the issue could be more complicated than you presume. Air conditioners often consume more energy if they have an underlying functional problem.

Yet, most homeowners end up struggling to understand the actual cause of escalating energy bills. Air conditioning takes up about 12% of the home’s monthly energy expenditure for the average American. With such a high cost of cooling your house, you don’t want to end up dealing with additional charges.

However, a poorly maintained air conditioning system could be the reason you’re spending more on energy costs than usual. If you are keen on cutting your overall utility bill, then you need to schedule more frequent maintenance plans for your AC.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Most ACs gradually develop molds and are also susceptible to dust mites. Such contamination breeds toxic airborne pollutants, which may have lasting negative impacts on your health. If you’ve not scheduled any maintenance for your AC in the last two years, then your health may be at risk.

Your ACs air filters need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. To improve your indoor air quality, consider scheduling more frequent maintenance. Such interventions reduce the risk of molds and dust mites forming around the system.

Recurrent maintenance of your AC system will give you a healthier living environment. You’ll no longer have to worry about runny noses and unending flu-like symptoms.

3. Save on Costs

Replacing and repairing your air conditioning system is an expensive undertaking. AC systems are prone to potential breakdown over time, but the life span of this critical system may be shortened even further by the failure to carry out regular maintenance.

Have you been forced to undertake recurrent AC repairs? These costs are likely to put a dent your finances. Even worse, since these types of repairs are usually unplanned, they may totally destabilize your financial plans.

But don’t flinch. All these unnecessary costs can be reduced by following simple HVAC maintenance tips.

You only need to ensure that you take a keen focus on the recurrent maintenance of your AC system. This helps ensure that you can address emerging concerns without having to wait until the situation is beyond fixing.

4. Avoid Emergencies

When your AC system breaks down during the humid summer season it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. You may end up having to deal with recurrent emergencies without any conclusive solutions. AC repairs that are undertaken with haste may often lead to a poor outcome.

Most homeowners tend to wait until the system and fixtures at home fall apart before they consider repairs. If this is you, then you risk the unnecessary pressure of seeking emergency repairs, which may cost you more and leave you with more of a temporary solution.

A well-scheduled maintenance process allows the technician to assess the AC system with the utmost thoroughness. If you’re working with a reliable AC repairer, they will clean and double-check every part of your system. Such an assessment allows for a comprehensive report on the state of your AC.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid emergency system failure because you’ll detect small system malfunctions before they become a major problem.

5. Increase the Lifespan of your System

A well maintained AC system is designed to serve you for at least 10 years. This means that you should be able to use the same AC unit for a decade without having to think about significant repairs or replacement. However, for most HVAC systems, the lifespan is barely five years without requiring costly repairs or replacement.

The secret behind an extended lifecycle for your AC is consistent check-ups. Your diligence in ensuring that there’s a periodic review of your ACs functionality will guarantee you extended service. There are AC systems that easily surpass the ten-year life span based on the consistency in checking the system’s functionality.

Most homeowners don’t embrace the cost of recurrent maintenance. But this is the easiest way to ensure that your HVAC system serves you for a long time. Ultimately, you’ll notice that the periodic cost of maintenance is far less than the actual cost of replacing your AC before its expected lifespan is over.

You only need to undertake a quick cost-benefit analysis and you’ll realize that consistent maintenance is the most cost-effective option.

6. Improved Efficiency

Your HVAC system works the hardest during hot summers. As such, it will often be prone to wear and tear.  HVAC technicians note that your HVAC system works 20% harder during high season due to the additional pressure.

Such extra stress on your system can easily lead to lower efficiency levels.

If your system no longer functions as well as it did in the past, it could be time to reevaluate your commitment to maintenance. Regularly scheduled check-ups will ensure that any probable faults due to wear and tear receive timely attention.

7. Save More on Warranties

One of the critical considerations homeowners make when installing an AC system is the inclusion of a warranty. For most companies, warranties are an essential quality assurance tool. As such, you may get to enjoy a less costly experience with parts that are under warranty.

All you need is to schedule your maintenance accordingly to save on additional costs. You should consider consulting your HVAC service provider regarding the details of your AC warranty. Such information will be helpful in determining how often to schedule your system repair and check-ups.

Some Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips

Now that you understand the importance of HVAC maintenance, the following HVAC Maintenance Tips will ensure that your tune-up is successful.

Check the Ducts

This should be the first step in your tune-up process. Ducts may have debris and dirt built up in them, which may clog the system and affect the efficiency of the AC system.

Our reliable Rheem Pro Partner HVAC technicians will start by cleaning the ducts and replacing the air filters where necessary.

Assess the Coolant Levels

Your AC system’s coolant may be leaking, causing the system to operate inefficiently. The process of maintenance should assess the coolant levels to determine the possibility of leaks. Sealing off any leaks is a critical step towards preventing future instances of breakdowns.

Check Thermostat

Assessing the state of the thermostat is also important. Most times, the thermostat can register incorrect information, which may lead to the unit putting out too much air or not enough air. Problems with your thermostat can cause efficiency concerns that can often be prevented with proper maintenance.

Check Seals

Seals are the other imperative part that needs attention during your AC’s tune-up process. Your technician may need to assess the seals to ensure that they aren’t loose. This will help ensure that you don’t end up with leaks in the system.

With our team of Rheem Pro Partner professionals, you have the guarantee of an all-inclusive assessment of the AC system and an action plan in case any urgent concerns arise.

Nothing Beats a Comprehensive Routine Assessment of Your AC System

Your HVAC system is meant to work close to perfectly for the first ten years. But for such a system to guarantee you service for that long, intentional routine tune-ups are absolutely necessary.

Have you been keeping up with maintenance scheduling for your HVAC system?

If not, such negligence may be the reason you’re spending more than you should on repairs and replacement. You should consider utilizing these HVAC maintenance tips to ensure your home is well-aerated and comfortable at all times.

Are you looking for certified HVAC services near you? We would love to take a look at your system and help you set up a proper maintenance schedule.