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Punta Gorda and North Port since 1979

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Port Charlotte, FL Commercial Air Conditioning Services by Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

Let us be your go–to company for all things related to cooling. As a professional commercial air conditioning service provider, we take pride in our ability to come up with solutions for our customers, whatever they may need, from installation to replacement, repair to maintenance. Since 1979, we have been taking care of our customers and we can do the same for you. Call now to schedule a service appointment.

Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. provides commercial air conditioning services in Port Charlotte, FL and the surrounding areas.

Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioner

Considering how many different makes and models of HVAC systems there are on the market today, it can be a real challenge to figure out which one is right for your space. After all, you need to have a system that will run 24/7 during the long, hot and humid summer, and will do so efficiently so that you can minimize your cooling bills. We offer a number of different options for our clients, including central air units, ductless mini splits and heat pumps. We also use high quality systems from leading manufacturers so that you can fully depend upon their reliability. Let us help you choose so that you make a smart decision every time.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

When it comes to ensuring that your commercial HVAC installation delivers on its promise of giving you a great system for many years to come, you need to hire a professional. It’s just that simple. When you hire the team at Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc., you can be confident in the results every time. We can work with you to find a system whose cooling capacity matches your commercial space and whose cost matches your budget.

During the course of any given commercial air conditioner’s lifespan, it will undergo a tremendous amount of wear and tear to its components and the materials out of which it is made. While commercial equipment is built to withstand such constant use, eventually yours will require replacement. Our commercial air conditioning replacement service can ensure that you make a smart decision regarding the future of your HVAC.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

All commercial air conditioners break down at some point or another. If you want to make sure that your commercial AC is restored to full functionality and efficiency, then just let us know. We can make sure that your entire system is evaluated and the root of the problem is diagnosed. Our technicians can make sure that the problem is then eliminated. Get in touch with us as soon as you notice an issue.

With routine commercial air conditioning maintenance, you allow our specialists to regularly inspect, clean and tune–up your entire air conditioner so that its performance and energy efficiency are maintained. It’s the best and only way to protect your investment in the long–term. For outstanding commercial air conditioning services, call our team today.