Common Air Purifier Types That Can Benefit You

Monday, January 25th, 2016

As we’ve discussed before, poor indoor air quality can have a pretty huge impact on your health if you don’t do something to fix it. The air in your home is likely full of millions of microscopic airborne contaminants, capable of causing all sorts of problems from allergy attacks to asthma. If you want to address these issues, you’re going to need a quality air purifier installed in your home. There are far too many types of air purifiers on the market for us to cover them all here, but we can at least outline a few of the most popular. (more…)

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

Monday, January 18th, 2016

While many homeowners recognize the need to replace their heating and air conditioning systems after a while, most tend to ignore their thermostats entirely for as long as they’re working. This kind of oversight may seem small, but it can actually end up costing you quite a bit of money in lost efficiency in the long run. The thermostat is one of the most important parts of any climate control system, and if you want those systems to be as efficient as possible you should take care that it is in good shape. Read on to find out more about why you should keep upgrading your thermostat over time. (more…)

Make Sure That Your Furnace Receives Maintenance This Winter

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Most homeowners take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to keeping their furnaces in good condition. As soon as a problem presents itself, homeowners will typically call for repairs promptly. Until that happens, though, they won’t take any other steps to maintain their furnaces. While prompt repairs are good for mitigating damage, they are not the best way to make sure that your furnace lives a long and healthy life. Read on for the benefits of furnace maintenance. (more…)

Why You Should Consider Installing an Indoor Air Purifier This Winter

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Using an indoor air purifier in your home is a good idea all year round. They’re great for removing airborne contaminants and improving your indoor air quality. During winter, though, it is especially important to have an air purifier installed. If you’re not careful, your indoor air quality can get quite a bit worse during the winter. Read on to find out why this happens, and how an indoor air purifier can help you. (more…)