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If you’re using a ductless system to stay cool this summer, you should make sure that it gets maintenance as soon as possible. You may think that you don’t need maintenance for your system, especially if you have had it done in the last 7 or 8 months. However, you should know that your ductless system needs maintenance more often than a traditional centralized air conditioning system. Let’s take a look at why your ductless system needs bi-annual maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

First, let’s discuss the importance of preventive maintenance. Prompt repairs are always a good idea when you notice a problem with your system. However, it’s not a good idea to just wait for problems to occur before calling for professional services. Most ductless issues don’t give off any recognizable symptoms until they’re quite advanced. By the time you notice the symptoms and call for repairs, it’s usually too late to actually prevent the majority of the damage. This is why preventive maintenance is so important. By scheduling preventive maintenance on a regular basis, you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of your system.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Most of the time, scheduling maintenance once a year is sufficient to keep your climate control systems in good shape. Most people schedule this maintenance the season before the system is going to be used the most often, in order to ensure that it’s in the best possible shape to cope with the added stress. The problem with ductless systems is that they are used all year round, both for heating and cooling. This doubles the amount of wear and tear the system is put under, which means it needs maintenance twice as often in order to stay in good shape. If you want your ductless air conditioner to be in ideal shape, you should schedule maintenance for both summer and winter.

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