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Ducts are virtually synonymous with central air conditioning. When the central air unit kicks on, we know that our indoor air is being pulled through cold coils, cooled, and then returned to our living space by means of a network of air ducts. Despite the ongoing popularity of central air units and other ducted systems, the rise of ductless air conditioning has been steady for a number of years. Many home and business owners find in these systems a high-efficiency alternative, one whose versatility and power rivals conventional central air. But many still may be wondering how this system works, if not with ductwork. Here is a very brief guide.

The first thing to realize about ductless air conditioning is that it is also ductless heating. Your ductless system is essentially an air-source heat pump without the air ducts, and therefore relies on the same cycle of refrigerant that those conventional systems utilize. Like an ordinary heat pump, it has both outdoor and indoor units, and uses a refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from one location and move it to another. But it differs in many important respects.

For one thing, it avoids the use of a centralized indoor air handler completely. Instead of pulling your indoor air supply through the coils located in the air handler and then returning that conditioned air via another set of ducts, a ductless air conditioning system uses multiple blowers installed directly in the living space at strategic locations. Your cool air therefore does not have to travel through ductwork, but rather is cooled within that space for that space.

This also adds some great versatility to your cooling system. Ductless systems offer a kind of built-in zone control in that each unit has its own thermostat (with up to four units per outdoor compressor/condenser), and therefore each part of your home can be separately controlled. This quickly extinguishes arguments about temperature, and it also allows you to save money by not cooling areas that are scarcely used.

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