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Did you know that the installation of smart thermostats in 2021 helped citizens consume 1.4 percent less energy on heating and cooling overall?

Critics have touched on the drawbacks that the US’s slow adoption of this technology has brought, but we’re here to help you learn more so you can help save more. Having a smart thermostat in your home comes with a lot of new insights, but it also offers more benefits.

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

1. Remote Access

Whether you’re away on vacation or you’re stuck at work, you can access your smart thermostat to check on your home.

If you want to make sure the heat wasn’t left on, or that things are cool enough for your pet, you can do it all with the tap of a button. Even if you’re at home but don’t feel like getting up, you don’t have to worry.

2. Track Your Energy Usage

One of the best advantages that come with smart thermostats is the number of insights you can look at.

You can look at things like when your energy use is highest, your usage compared to others, and even how it’s changed over time. Insights are usually provided on a weekly or monthly basis, so you’ll be able to adjust accordingly whenever it’s needed.

3. Higher Efficiency

Most smart thermostats are part of a bigger self-learning system, meaning you won’t even have to think about implementing new practices based on those insights. Your system will already have done it for you.

With this technology, your system will learn about your schedule, and it can work to adjust temperatures at different times.

This is great for helping you achieve higher efficiency, as you won’t be spending as much to heat or cool each room of your home when it’s not needed.

4. Catch Problems Earlier

All that extra insight can also help you catch potential system problems earlier.

Some thermostats will alert you when things go wrong. This could look like the temperature going above or below a certain preset range, for example. It will also let you know when your thermostat has been disconnected from your home’s wireless network, or if there’s been a power outage.

This is great for helping to catch problems earlier than you originally might’ve. You can call out a professional to address the problem, and you won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable home.

Is a Smart Thermostat Right for You?

Installing a smart thermostat inside your home is like taking a step into the future. Gone are the days of waiting for your home to heat up after work or not understanding what’s going on with the AC. A smart thermostat allows you to access all of that remotely, and you can make changes and track different data from the palm of your hand.

Ready to take that step? Contact us today to get started.

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