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Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for roughly 50% of the average home’s energy usage? This data is from a few years ago, but given how energy-hungry HVAC systems can be, it’s almost certainly still valid. 

One of the best ways you can minimize your AC’s energy consumption is through some routine pre-summer maintenance. This is especially true if you live in North Port, Florida. 

Florida is one of the hottest, most humid states. This means that your AC has to work hard to keep your home comfortably cool. If it’s laboring under things like low refrigerant or dirty filters, this will compromise its efficiency and drive your utility bills up. 

Ready to enjoy a cool, comfortable summer, without AC problems or sky-high energy bills? Keep reading. 

Swap Out Those AC Filters

If you want to keep your North Port, Florida home cool without breaking the bank this summer, the first thing to do is inspect and replace your AC filters. 

AC air filters have to do a lot of heavy lifting. If you run your AC frequently, like most of our North Port air conditioning customers have to—you should replace your AC air filters at least every 90 days. 

Replacing the air filter will help your unit run more efficiently, as it won’t have to force air through a clogged, dirty filter. Installing a new filter will also improve the air quality in your home. 

Clean Your Vents

Can you see tell-tale, fluttering bits of stuck dust at the openings to your air vents? If so, it’s time to give them a clean. Dirty air vent panels can inhibit airflow and make your AC system work harder to pump cool air into your home. 

Start by vacuuming your air vents. If you can open them, do so and vacuum down the vents as far as you can. You can also wipe down the vent covers.

Clear Debris From Your Outdoor Unit

Another simple preventative AC maintenance task you can carry out as a homeowner is to clear away any debris that might have accumulated around your outside unit. 

In North Port, AC maintenance tasks like removing leaf litter aren’t generally quite as critical as in areas with lots of deciduous trees. However, you’ll be surprised at how much leaf litter and garden debris can build up around your unit, especially if you’ve been away for a number of months. 

Begin by sweeping away any built-up debris. If you like, you can pressure wash the surrounding area, but be sure not to direct the pressure washer directly at the AC unit. The force from a pressure washer can dislodge components, and bend your condenser coils out of shape. 

Get a Professional Tune-up

Stats reveal that 91% of homes in the US have an AC unit. But how many of these units are properly maintained?

Although there are some AC maintenance tasks you do as a homeowner, there are certain things you shouldn’t do yourself. For instance, it’s always a good idea to check the refrigerant levels on an AC unit before the start of summer. However, unless you have a Section 608 EPA license you aren’t allowed to handle refrigerant. 

For this reason alone, we’d recommend you call a North Port AC repair and maintenance company to give your system a general service before summer hits. 

Not only can they check your refrigerant levels, but a professional North Port AC maintenance service will also be able to clean your condenser coils, evaporators, and condenser lines. While they’re there, they’ll also attend to your air filter, and diagnose your entire system for repair needs. 

Do You Need AC Maintenance Done in North Port, Florida?

If you want an AC system that runs efficiently and won’t let you down in the middle of a North Port, Florida summer, it’s a good idea to carry out some proactive maintenance. While you can clean your vents and exterior unit yourself, it’s usually easier and most effective to call in a professional North Port AC maintenance service to handle maintenance tasks within your system and diagnose it for repairs. 

Have you just returned to your Florida home and realized the AC unit might be in need of some TLC? Contact us today and we’ll be right out to professionally diagnose and repair your system. 

Get Help For Your Weird AC Sounds

Those weird AC sounds are trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore them.

If you’re experiencing any out-of-the ordinary AC phenomena, get in touch with us today. Contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly. Or, call our emergency service number and we’ll speak with you instantly.