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There is a truly astounding number of ways that an air conditioner can malfunction. Some of these ways are minor, some are major, but all of them need to be dealt with as soon as you notice them. The reason that you need to address air conditioner problems so quickly is because all air conditioner issues are progressive. Even a minor problem can grow to threaten the whole system if you let it develop for long enough. For that reason, you should always keep an eye out for signs that your air conditioner is in trouble. Let’s take a look at a few of the common signs that your air conditioner needs repairs.


When your air conditioner turns itself on and off every few minutes, that’s called “short-cycling.” This behavior is the result of the system becoming locked into the startup part of its cycle, either because of a thermostat issue or a faulty compressor. Short-cycling is extremely damaging to the system, and can shorten its lifespan considerably. Call for repairs as soon as you notice this happening.


Some people think that ice on their air conditioner is a sign that it’s working properly. This is not the case. Ice forming on your air conditioner is a sign that your evaporator coil has frozen over. If the ice is not removed, it can permanently warp the coil and spread to other parts of the system. The sooner you call for repairs to remove the ice, the better off your air conditioner will be.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is what allows your air conditioner to siphon heat from inside your home and release it outside. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, it will drain the air conditioner of the fluid that it needs to operate properly. If you see any liquid dripping from your air conditioner, you should call a professional immediately.

If your air conditioner needs repairs, call Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. We provide air conditioning repair services throughout the Port Charlotte, FL area.