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It’s hard to argue with the power of preventive maintenance. Just as we take our cars in for regular oil changes, various parts of our homes require the same regular attention. Of critical importance in this respect is your air conditioner. Considering our climate, your central air unit, heat pump or ductless mini split undergoes a significant amount of wear and tear during the heat and humidity of the summer, and it’s imperative that you hire a professional to evaluate your system periodically. Sure, you may think, but isn’t this just another way for HVAC technicians to make money? While it’s true that this cost-effective service is popular with customers, it’s not without good reason. There are numerous benefits to routine air conditioning maintenance.

  • Improved performance. If you want your AC not only to function but to function well, then it must be maintained. The performance capabilities of your air conditioner are in no small way dependent upon the cleanliness of your system. When dust and debris accumulate on sensitive components, your system’s performance suffers, and this often results in poor cooling, which results in your discomfort. Thus, the entire purpose of a comprehensive cooling system is defeated without regular maintenance.
  • Boosted energy efficiency. Another important consideration is the energy efficiency of your system. All systems come with efficiency ratings, and some promise excellent energy savings. But without regular cleaning and tune-ups, you can’t expect to get the most from this technology. Keeping your system maintained is the best way to ensure excellent efficiency for the entire life of your AC.
  • Reduced breakdowns. One of the most frustrating things that can occur in the summer is the breakdown of your AC. With routine air conditioning maintenance, you can avoid many breakdowns. While there is no 100% guarantee against repairs, regular inspection allows us to catch many issues before they can advance into significant problems. By eliminating them before they get too large, we can prevent them from ruining your summer.

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