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Thermostats are the central control panel for your entire HVAC system. They tell your unit when to run, how long, and how hard. They also can be the source of HVAC problems, if they malfunction.

The internet offers almost innumerable DIY tutorial instructions and videos on any given home improvement project. You may be tempted to use it to tackle thermostat repair yourself. There are some very good reasons to reconsider.

This article lays out three motives for hiring pros for thermostat repair. It will give you the peace of mind that your AC system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

1. Safety

Thermostat repair service may seem straightforward. While you may have mastered the device itself (even if it’s a smart thermostat), there is a whole galaxy of wiring and controls going on behind the scenes.

Ensuring that your thermostat is doing what you think it’s doing is not only a matter of convenience, but one of safety as well. A faulty or improperly wired thermostat can cause your system to malfunction. This could lead to serious damage and breakdown.

There also is the potential for electrical malfunctions, which can lead to shock or fires. In fact, many problems associated with thermostats (especially smart thermostats) have to do with incorrect wiring.

2. Equipment and Expertise

Smart thermostats can go a long way to boosting your home’s energy efficiency. Wiring, rewiring, and syncing them with your WiFi network, phone, and HVAC system, are essential to leveraging their benefits. It is best left up to a professional.

Trained technicians deal with thermostats many times every day. They have the training and knowledge to identify problems and know the proper steps to fix them. They can make recommendations about the type of thermostat that is best for you, based on your home and lifestyle, as well.

Technicians also have the right tools. Many thermostat repairs––including electrical ones––warrant the use of specialty equipment. These include wire strippers, V-cutters, cable wraps, multimeters, and other devices, that you may not have.

A technician with the right equipment and know-how will make fast work of thermostat repair services. Hiring one could save you a lot of time, headaches, and money as well.

3. Warranty

Smart thermostats cost a lot more than those original, battery-powered ones ubiquitous in homes for the last 50 years. Hiring professional thermostat repair companies will be far less than the price of most modern thermostats. It ensures that, should there be defects with the thermostat itself, the warranty will not be negated.

This goes for other equipment as well, which can have much more dire (and costly) repercussions. Attempting DIY repair on a thermostat that results in major damage to your HVAC system components may forfeit any warranty and result in exorbitant repair costs. It is simply not worth the risk.

Find Thermostat Repair Near You

Now that you know some major reasons for hiring professionals to do thermostat repair, you can move forward. Hiring a trained, experienced technician can go a long way to getting your system running properly and avoiding any dangers or damage along the way.

If you are searching for thermostat repair in Port Charlotte, North Port, or the surrounding areas, look no further. For over 40 years, Cliff’s Air Conditioning and Heating has provided HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation. Reach out to us today to schedule thermostat repair or other services.

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