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In a climate such as we have here in Port Charlotte, air conditioners probably don’t last as long as they do in other areas of the country. The high temperatures and the high humidity can often shave years off a normal service life. But that’s no reason to let your system fail prematurely. If you notice that your central air unit or heat pump is dysfunctional, then let our team know. We’d be happy to take care of the issue promptly. Here are a few common problems that you shouldn’t have to put up with:

#1. Odd noises

If you find that your air conditioner is grinding, banging, or otherwise disrupting your property with irritating sounds, then don’t wait. In some cases, it’s a problem that could result in an expensive replacement of a major component, such as your compressor. In others, it could be ductwork damage, or a loose part within one of the units.

#2. Extreme energy bills

Keeping an eye on your electricity bill from month to month, as well as year to year, can be a valuable way to track the efficiency of your air conditioner. While we have no control over the cost of electricity, we can control how that electricity is used. An older or damaged system will not be able to cool efficiently, resulting in an increase in cost over time.

#3. Hot and cold spots

It’s downright aggravating when only part of your home is cool while the other areas remain hot and humid. What’s going on? Well, it could be several things: a zone damper problem, ductwork leak, or low refrigerant, among others. A professional technician will be able to deduce it from the evidence and provide you with an excellent solution.

For outstanding air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte, FL just when you need it, call Cliffs Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.! We can make sure that your air conditioning is restored in no time at all.